About VJing

About Vjing :

VJing is the act of live video mixing and animation. Kid Kadian’s approach to vjing takes its cues from traditional visual music, scratch video, video art and experimental films. His new approach to video mix is illustrated in his mixing style, blending high end animation with found video and abstract imaginary. The tools listed below where once  the weapons of choice for VJ Kid Kadian and are used in many of his early mixes still found an abstract motion 2010 his visual mixes. Many of His modern Mixes are does with software ( VDMX / Mad Mapper )

Edirol V4
4 channel video mixer

Edirol P-10
Single Channel Video Sampler

Edirol CG-8
Visual Synthesizer

Macbook Pro w/ iPad Midi Controller
Custom Scratch Video / VJ Software

KVB – Kadian Video Blender
( Now On Sale In The Mac App Store)