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VJ Kid Kadian Official App

The Official VJ Kid Kadian Fan app!

– Artist Information
– Streaming VJ Mixes Updated monthly!
– Discounts on VJ loops (Thru )
– Exclusive Downloads ( DVDs, VJ Mixes, VJ Loops )

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KLP Collection Vol 1 Thru 10

klp9             klp10


KLP ( Kadian Loop Pack Player ) is a standalone interactive VJ set for the iPad 2. You get to be the VJ as you mix together over 25 minutes of original video content using 6 blend modes.

1. Turn on your own music ( bmp 120 – 160 )
2. Load up KLP
3. Tap away and enjoy the light show!

!!!! Seizure Warning !!!!
if you are sensitive to flashing or strobing lights then this might not be the app for you… there is a quite a bit of that going on here… its like a mixer at Nam June Paik’s place in there … you have been warned !

Works only with the IPad 2 or newer ! Play music from a separate device for smoother playback.

for more info see this support document – KLP Documentation


KDN VCP ( Video Content Packs )

All clips encoded as following:
Photo – jpeg @ 80%
740 x 480
.mov container formate
Fast Streaming enabled



KDN VCP 1 – Royalty Free Stock Footage Pack – SD
The Kid Kadian Vj Content Pack Vol 1
Video Demo :
40 VJ Clips of abstract imagery Running over 15 mins long
File size : 2.58 GB



KDN VCP 2 – Royalty Free Stock Footage Pack – SD
The Kid Kadian Vj Content Pack Vol 2
Video Demo :

70 VJ Clips of abstract imagery Running over 20 mins long
Total File size : 3.37 GB


A Fluxus Book

A Fluxus Book : A Digital Box Collection of Fluxus Scores !

Featuring Over 100 Fluxus Scores!
Digitally mounted on index cards and presented in both interactive and book form.
This collection includes works from :

Alison Knowles
Ben Vautier
Larry Miller
Nam June Paik
Yoko Ono
George Macunias
and many more !


Pixel Pusher HD

Welcome to Pixel Pusher HD ( A Fluxus Video Game )!

Now With 2 Great Modes Of Pixel Pushing Fun!