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The Kadian Video Blender is a video instrument built to create scratch video mixes using two different video sources. This app uses a custom TouchOSC templates and midi to allow your mobile device to interact with the app ! Now also on PC ( beta )!

Recent updates :
Syphon Out Support ( OSX Only )
Keyboard Support
Mira Support ( OSX Only )

More information about Mira


More information on touch OSC can be found online :


TouchOSC templates can be downloaded from :


For smooth playback please make sure playback content is on a external or different hard drive than your OS and applications .

Suggested codecs:
Pjpeg @ 70%
Streaming enabled
720 x 480
.mov Container Formate




 Syphon2Network / Spout2Network 

Share Video between Mac/PC enabled Computers ( now on sale in my store )

1.Network Computers
2. Launch Syphon2Network (Spout2Network) on all computers
3.Setup your Vj applications
4.Refreash Servers and enter in your IP address/ Port Number
5. Enjoy !


Syphon2Network Demo:

Setting up Syphon2Network / Spout2Network






SyphonMatrix is a 6 syphon input || 1 video  output matrix.





This app is designed to sit between your vj apps and madmapper to allow you to channel multipul video inputs into a matrix to send to mad mapper ! This allows you to use multiple video sources in you map !


For more info please see this video :

Use Notes :

Make sure each sure all syphon inputs is the same resolution

You can not send the same syphon input to multiple inputs
( VDMX5 – Layer 1 can’t go to both input A & B )

the fps displayed next to the preview window reflects only the fps of the preview window and not of the final output of Syphon2Matrix

Set up Instructions :

– Set your matrix size ( set columns & rows )

– Click getavaillableservers

– Select Sever & AppName

– Turn on syphon for that channel

– Choose SyphonMatrix output in your mapping / vj program !




KVS ( Kadian Video Synth 16-bit ) – 16

  • 2 Oscillators running between the freq or 0 ~520 hz
  • Drawing on a canvas of 256 by 256 pixels !
  • 1 –  Photo/Video Overlay
  • With Pre ChromaKey Sobel FX
  • Video Mixing platform – ChromaKey
  • SyphonOut for Mixing and Mapping in other VJ Apps
  • Touch OSC Templates includedDIRECT STORE LINK