Video Girls Loop Pack

Video_Girls15 of my favorite HD Video loops from the Video Girls loop set. Video Girls is a set of loops made for overlaying onto of your video mix for an extra bit of video sexiness. This collection is a sample of my favorite video loops from the full set of 96 loops. All loops are More Info »
Price: $10.00

Syphon2Network / Spout2Network

150x150Syphon2Network ver 1.0 / Spout2Network ver 1.0 More Info »
Price: $10.00

Syphon Matrix

Untitled-2SyphonMatrix is a 6 syphon input || 1 video output martix. This app is designed to sit between your vj apps and madmapper to allow you to channel multipul video inputs into a matrix to send to mad mapper ! This allows you to use multiple video sources in you mapping ! More Info »
Price: $10.00

Kadian Video Synth ( KVS )

300Kadian Video Synth More Info »
Price: $10.00

Kadian Video Blender

KVB-Icon-150x150  The Kadian Video Blender is a video instrument built to create scratch video mixes using two different video sources. This app uses a custom TouchOSC templates and midi to allow your mobile device to interact with the app ! Now also on PC ( beta )! Recent updates : Syphon Out Support ( OSX More Info »
Price: $10.00$10.00